SongSLAM Toronto 2019

Who am I? Alex Samaras at the CMC

Nick Storring invited Alex to sing at the Canadian Music Centre and then took these gorgeous pictures of us

livestream available at :

Who Am I, Jan 17, 2018
Everybody Says Don't Sondheim
Bird Song, Bird of Prey Daniel Easty
The Formal Garden of the Heart Beckwith
Tiger Britten
Come On
Show Me Alex Samaras, TRYAL
Passenger Plane Robin Dann, Bernice
Atoms4peace Thom Yorke
Between Song Meredith Monk
Only Feldman
Fontainebleau Bram Gielen
As Adam Early In The Morning
See How They Love Me Rorem
Moon Korngold
There's None To Soothe Britten
Chinese Cafe Joni Mitchell
Who Am I Bernstein / Nina Simone
Spring and Fall Rorem



Day 1: Madrid
Day 2: Concert at Iglesia San Sebastian in Avila
Day 3: Concert at Cathedral of Segovia
Day 4: High speed train to Barcelona followed by opening of Cantonigros Festival
Day 5: Performance in International Concert Evening at Cantonigros Festival
Day 6: Competition #4 - Folk Music Category (4th place winners); Performance at the Hospital de la Santa Creu
Day 7: Competition #2 - Children's Choir Category (2nd place winners); International Children's Concert; Concert at the New Church in Santa Maria d'Olo followed by village party
Day 8: Valencia
Day 9: Granada
Day 10: Concert at the Real Circulo de la Amistad, Cordoba
Day 11: Malaga; Sevilla
Day 12: Concert at Iglesia de San Pedro at San Lucar la Mayor, part of the Festival Noches de San Pedro
Day 13: Train to Barcelona for the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music
Day 14: Concert: 'Colours of Peace - Global Illuminations' in l'Auditori Pau Casals Hall
Day 15: Montserrat, performance in the Abbey; Concert 'Colours of Peace, Voices of Light' in Liceu Auditorium
Day 16: Concert: 'Colours of Peace, Songs of Hope' at l'Auditori Oriol Martorell Hall
Day 17: Departure

Die schöne Müllerin

DMA Recital #2 - Feb 21 2017 7.30pm Walter Hall
Franz Schubert - Die schöne Müllerin
with tenor Charles Sy
illustrations by Scott Leeming
carpentry by Benjamin Hermann
technical production by Laurel MacDonald
with thanks to Melisande Sinsoulier for running the surtitles,
Elias Theocharidis for filming, Peter Olsen for audio
and Lydia Wong, Steven Philcox and Helen Becque for musical support

Four Lullabies

On Tuesday the 14th February I closed the Faculty of Music's Student Composition Concert with four lullabies written by Tyler Versluis as a present for his soon-to-be-born baby son. 
You can listen to the live recording here