Noir et blanc at Toronto's Nuit Blanche

I was pleased to be part of the Faculty of Music's contribution to 2014's Nuit Blanche festival. Alongside my fellow pianist Braden Young and four singers from U of T's singing department we presented three of the 12 recitals of the night, each on the hour, each exploring the nocturnal artsong repertoire in a staged setting. The foyer of the Faculty of Music was transferred into a sleepy lounge for the evening, with two pianos at the centre and room for the singers to move and explore the repertoire they were singing. Braden and I enjoyed improvising segues between sections using Frere Jacques as our theme, utilising accompaniment figures from the repertoire preceding or succeeding the transitions. It was really interesting to work together as a team on staging the songs and making the recital flow in a meaningful way.