Indie Music Residency - Documentary from Fall 2013

This documentary about the 2013 Banff Centre Indie Residency has just been released - featuring Boys Who Say No singing like angels with me, KASHKA, Alfonso Noriega Fernandez (viola), Catherine Lukits (cello), Greg Samek and Zeca Lacerda (percussion), Tilman Robinson (trombone), The Belle GameBoats, the sage Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin amongst others - 

Charles tells this story at 22.40:

"Stone soup, you know the story of stone soup? Imagine a time when there's very little to eat and one guy decides that he wants to make a bowl of soup, so he puts a stone in the soup and fills it with water and starts cooking it, and then somebody comes by and says
"what are you cooking?"
and then the person walking by, says "you know, that would be a lot better with a carrot.. I have a carrot! I can go and get my carrot!"
and then somebody else comes by and says "what are you cooking?"
"stone soup with a carrot!"
somebody else comes by with some chicken bones and then somebody else comes by with some potatoes and the next thing you know there's enough food for everybody and it's a delicious pot of soup"


I start playing Chopin's Nocturne in C#minor at 13.30 - we did a 'mash-up' with Boys Who Say No's existing track Punching Underwater and performed it in the club and in the Rolston at Banff.